Raffles June Graduation 2022 Top Achievers

Raffles June Graduation 2022 Top Achievers

Be Loud, 

Be Proud and 

Be Wild on this BOLD New Day!  

Raffles Designers and Marketers of June 2022 graduate cohort are more than READY to take on challenges that lie ahead of them. The graduates of Raffles Singapore and Coventry University’s MA in Design Management and BA (Honours) in Design programmes exude creativity, perseverance, and a wildly BOLD attitude to start their brand-new chapter with flying colours. 

Studying in an immersive studio culture at Raffles, 36% of the graduates in Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from Coventry University attained First-Class Honours. 

In recognition of our students’ exemplary academic achievements during their study, we are also proud to announce the Tutor’s Prize Award recipients from our Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programme and Top Students for the Advanced Diploma programmes.