Raffles X Maxi-Cash Jewellery Design Challenge 2022 

Raffles X Maxi-Cash Jewellery Design Challenge 2022 

Raffles Design Institute is honoured to launch the inaugural jewellery design challenge with Maxi-Cash, a subsidiary of Aspial Corporation Limited with its main businesses in jewellery, property, and financial services.  

As part of the design challenge, Raffles Fashion Marketers conducted market research of current trends in the jewellery industry for fellow Raffles Jewellery Designers to better understand Maxi-Cash’s customers’ preferences before designing two iconic jewellery collections that capture the essence of the brand.  

First Prize (Gold Jewellery Category) | Bamboo Paradise

Pathi Nanjundeskwar DAKSHAINI | WANG XunTing | NG Yu Kee | Shah Miti PARAG

First Prize (Diamond Jewellery Category) | Fluid Versions

SHRUTI Nilesh Potphod | HON Wei Ting | Teresa Pavita MAHARANI | TAN Wei Li Valerie

First Runner-Up | Vibrant Sunflower

LIM Jia Ying | Aishath JEELAN | Mayang SARI

We would like to thank Raffles alumni, Mr Danny LIM, Merchandising Director, Aspial Corporation Limited, and his team from Maxi-Cash, for giving Raffles Fashion Marketers and Jewellery Designers this opportunity to apply their marketing and design skills in this industry collaboration.  

A successful collaboration by Design!